About Us


Optimus was founded in 2015 by Director Patrick Shields. He believed through his 20 years of experience sub-contracting throughout Britain, that there was a better way to work. He thought with better communication with contractors and clients, all jobs – large or small – could be completed to a higher standard in shorter time frames.

We will consistently raise the bar with each job. We are always learning in order to create better and safer methods of work and better finishes. “If you are only as good as your last job, you must be better than your last job to grow.” We also aim to simplify pricing and be as transparent with it as possible. Our passion for knowledge and improvement with consideration for our environmental footprint and legacy will make OPTIMUS the first choice for all clients today and into the future.

“We aim to do the job right first time, safely all the time, be your first choice next time.” For a free quote or consultation, please call today on 0141 258 0603.