Ames Taping  Services


Our team uses the best mechanical taping tools for a quicker turnaround and which also give a better uniform finish to any job big or small. Ames taping is used in roughing and first fix areas to fire stop eliminating gaps in boards for fire and smoke to penetrate the substrates of buildings.

When someone thinks of taping they always think of the finish of drywall boards where previously the boards would be plastered and take a week to dry. With taping and jointing it takes days.

The quick drying materials took weeks off house builds and changed the game for wet trades. Painters get upset if taping is bad as you can only work with the canvas you have so being a decorating company our taping is always to the highest standard so painting can be done in the same high standard. We can also do height work with trained staff, using safe systems such as fall arrest, MEWPS, and mobile towers.

“We aim to do the job right first time, safely all the time, be your first choice next time.” For a free quote or consultation, please call today on 0141 258 0603.