We specialise in protection applications using various applicators and products to fit your protection needs. This provides much quicker, neater and better applied protection. If you are from a construction background you will have seen a newly built office or residential flats and seen poorly applied carpet or hard floor protection peeling and lifting on floors. This defeats the purpose of putting the protection down and carpets or hard floors end up damaged when contractors are back doing remedial work costing contractors money and time.

We can provide sturdy protection neat and tidy from skirting to skirting if needed. We have applicators and products for floors, windows,walls and more. We incorporate some of this into our decorating works ensuring our clients are fully protected from accidental damage. We can also get fire ratings on these coverings. Examples when this is appreciated is your newly fitted kitchens or bathrooms. Also common in shop fit outs and commercial jobs before handover or if running late and the clients have viewing.

“We aim to do the job right first time, safely all the time, be your first choice next time.” For a free quote or consultation, please call today on 0141 258 0603.